Test Woolsocks and earn €25

Woolsocks, your smart money app, is now available as a beta version. The app is designed to help you protect your pennies, so we’d love your feedback to improve its money-saving superpowers. Simply sign up, start testing, and secure your €25!

Why we need your help?

Why we need your help?

After developing Woolsocks for the past year, we’re thrilled to launch a beta version and fine-tune our features. This testing period gives us a chance to get feedback from real users to help make the app run smoothly. Together we’ll check our spending categories, review store logos and names, and make purchases to earn cashback rewards. And as a bonus, you’ll be among the first to try our personalised cashback feature. Lucky you!


How the beta testing works:

  • Fill out the beta user form.

  • Once you're approved, you’ll get an email with a link to download the app.

  • Download the Woolsocks app on your smartphone, create an account with the email you signed up with, and connect your bank.

  • Complete tasks that include a review of 50 transactions and 3 cashback purchases.

  • Make sure you see through every task. Once you’re done, our team will manually review your results.

  • Were your tasks approved? Then your €25 reward will appear in your Cashback Sock.


Note: the following Terms and Conditions apply to this promotion.

Test and get rewarded

Test and get rewarded

Once you download Woolsocks, you’ll get a list of tasks to complete. When you finish a task, our team will review it within 24 hours to make sure everything has been done. As soon as all the tasks are completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Then, your €25 is on its way to you! 


Any questions? Reach out to our help centre: https://support.woolsocks.eu/hc/en-us 

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